Why Summer in the Black Forest is great for your Sleep.

Why Summer in the Black Forest is great for your Sleep.

Getting away from the daily routines and the stress of work is usually relieved by taking a well-deserved holiday at this time or year, or indeed during any season. Planning a trip away and travelling itself whether by plane, train, bus, or car can be exhausting for many of us. There are so many reasons why choosing Hotel Pfaff in Triberg will restore and soothe your body and soul.

We are confident that after a few nights of restful sleep in our comfortable, cosy bedrooms you will feel like you are finally detached from your stresses and energised to enjoy so many wonderful attractions and places in Triberg and beyond.
To get good nights sleep please do remember at the time of booking to request any special requirements that you might have such as extra blankets or a quiet room and so on. We may not be able to guarantee this for operational reasons, but of course we will do our very best to accommodate your individual requests.

If you require a certain type of pillow to help you sleep better and have space to pack it, this of course will help you sleep better as you have a little bit of “home” with you.

One of the easiest ways to ensure a good night’s sleep in our hotel is plentiful, available and costs nothing, and that is the pure fresh air of our incredible countryside and parks nearby. Make sure to enjoy some outdoor time during the day which may include a relaxing or strenuous walk, depending on your level of fitness. We are happy to recommend some local walking trails to suit all tastes.

Finally, when we see our guests smiling each morning and evening as they return from an enjoyable day exploring the Black Forest Region, we know that our welcoming, relaxing ambiance in the hotel is contagious and you are relaxed, rejuvenated and your holiday has been a success. If this sounds like a holiday that you’d enjoy, then please book your stay with us, and enjoy some of the best nights sleep you’ll ever have, in the heart of the Black Forest, in the Hotel Pfaff, Triberg.