Holiday in Nature


The joy of travel is something that most of us don’t take for granted. For many of us January and February are the months where we begin to look forward and plan for the year ahead. Chatting with family or friends, we decide what is important to us when booking some well earned time off. We all work hard, and stress can be a big contributing factor as to why we can start to feel “burnt out” as the year unfolds.

If a city break or a week lying on the beach doesn’t appeal to your senses, a holiday in the nature in the Black Forest Region may just be the answer to restoring balance into your life again. There is so much to offer our guests when you come and stay in Triberg in its surrounds. If you crave calm, peace, quiet, great food, comfortable rooms in a location that is easy to get to and won’t break the budget, Hotel Pfaff is waiting for you.

The reason why most of our guests love to stay with us and choose to come back again and again is their love of nature. By immersing yourselves in nature, we can remind ourselves of what is important, we live in the moment, and it has been scientifically proven that walking in nature is fundamentally good for our health.

Within a short driving distance from our hotel, you will find therapeutic nature trails, stunning waterfalls and several natural parks. Our region of Germany, the Black Forest region has hundreds of thousands of protected hectares of land that is unspoilt and accessible to visitors to discover.

In our region, The Southern Black Forest nature park covers an astonishing 394,000 hectares from Herbolzheim and Triberg in the north to Waldshut-Tiengen and Lorrach in the south. We recommend that you click on the link and enjoy learning more about this stunning part of our world.

Hotel Pfaff is gaining a reputation as a hotel that offers superb service, food and comfort at an affordable price, and peak season dates book up quickly. If you are thinking of coming to visit the Southern Black Forest Region of Germany, we can’t wait to see you.