Walking Holidays

Why The Black Forest Region is made for Walking Holidays

You’ve seen the photos, maybe read some brochures, and are now browsing through some websites to learn all you can about holidaying in Germany, and the Black Forest Region. Simply put, all the videos and photos in the world will make it impossible for you our future guests to understand the beauty of our region and landscape. You just must come in person to experience it for yourself!

It really is like something you will see in a fairy tale book. Its bewitching beauty conjures up images of woodlands in time gone by, of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ type houses and inns, scattered around hamlets and villages. For German tourists and locals, a healthy walk or hike through the stunning forest areas is a must do, on a regular basis.

The wonderful thing about planning a holiday around Triberg and Freiburg, which is only an hour from our hotel, is that you can easily put together an itinerary to suit your own time limit, budget, fitness level and interests.

Many of our guests arrive for one or two nights and may indeed end up spending more time with us, as they are flexible in planning their route, and enjoy what our hotel has to offer, a great hotel, in the heart of Triberg, that also has the added advantage of serving up delicious food in our restaurant. After a long day’s hike around several local walking trails, your stomach will thank you for booking in for one of our delicious evening meals. From now until the end of summer, we will also have some great culture nights and musical entertainment for our guest to enjoy on selected dates. To find out more keep an eye on our website.

So, grab your walking boots, backpack, enthusiasm and plan one of the best holidays in your lifetime. Life is for living and for walkers and hikers Triberg and the Black Forest is paradise. Come and see for yourself.